Live Your Yoga

Music & Yoga with Mark Atherton

November 26, 2021 Your Yoga Flow Season 2 Episode 8
Live Your Yoga
Music & Yoga with Mark Atherton
Show Notes

Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!

Our guest for this episode is Mark Atherton. Mark is a Your Yoga Flow faculty member, yoga teacher and musician. You may be familiar with Marks voice as the person interviewing many of our guests and this time he's in the other chair, answering the questions.

In this episode Mark talks about how he came to study music, his first impressions of yoga, how he views music in the context of a yoga class and much more!

This episode was recorded on a sailboat and as a result there are some interesting ambient noises in the background!

To find out more about Mark:
Facebook: @markatherton
Instagram: @markathertonyoga
Website: AnyBody Movement

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