Live Your Yoga

Guided Relaxation with Nancy Frohlick

May 14, 2021 Your Yoga Flow Season 1 Episode 15
Live Your Yoga
Guided Relaxation with Nancy Frohlick
Show Notes

Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!

 Our episode today is a Guided Relaxation practice with Your Yoga Flow Faculty member, Nancy Frohlick.

Unwind from your busy life with this 30 minute guided Savasana practice for deep relaxation. Lie down, close your eyes and drift into deep rest and stillness. This is a wonderful practice at the end of a long day or when you have difficulty sleeping. Living Your Yoga can sometimes mean finding time for self-care, time to pause and time to reset. Let Nancy guide you to a place of deep rest.

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Music Credits:
The Sun Is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow by Chris Zabriskie. License: Creative Commons License
The Magic of Bamboo by Siddhartha. License: Creative Commons License