Live Your Yoga

The Chakra System with Kim Tang

September 15, 2023 Your Yoga Flow Season 5 Episode 11
Live Your Yoga
The Chakra System with Kim Tang
Show Notes
Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!

Our guest today is Kim Tang. Kim is an internationally reputed Master Yoga Teacher and Head Coach of International Yoga Sports Federation, Public Speaker, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Breath Work Facilitator, Kim leads Trainings and Seminars, Teach at Teacher Trainings, and holds Private Sessions, Spiritual Consults, Retreats, and Worldwide E-Learning / Online Courses.

On this episode of the podcast Kim shares perspectives on the Chakra System, offers effective ways to communicate and facilitate the teachings of the Chakras, and shares stories about the power of the Chakras in her own life. 

For those new to teaching or new to the Chakra System, Kim's experiences, insights and suggestions will prove to be essential in cultivating effective & accessible ways to practice and share this powerful element of Yoga.

To find out more about Kim:
Website: Kim Tang Yoga
Instagram: @kimtangyoga
Facebook: Kim Tang Yoga
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