Live Your Yoga

Yoga Therapy with Leila Stuart

September 30, 2022 Your Yoga Flow Season 4 Episode 2
Live Your Yoga
Yoga Therapy with Leila Stuart
Show Notes

Welcome to the Live Your Yoga Podcast!

Our guest for this episode is Leila Stuart. With decades of experience as a clinical massage therapist (RMT), Yoga teacher and Therapist, and a lifelong passion for movement of all types, Leila is a pioneer in the field of movement education. She opened one of the first dedicated Yoga Therapy studios in Canada as well as developing The Anatomy of Yoga Therapy, an innovative 300 hour Yoga Therapy training program that she taught for 15 years.

In this episode of the podcast Leila shares with Nancy and Mark stories and insights about her work in Yoga Therapy world, experiential anatomy, the power of therapeutic practice and much much more! This is an essential episode for any yoga teacher thinking about therapeutic practices and applications.

To find out more about Leila:
Facebook: Leila Stuart Yoga
Instagram: @leila.stuart
Youtube: Leila Stuart
Website: Leila Stuart

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